Your 2021 Presidential Inauguration Hotel

The 2021 Presidential Inauguration is held at the US Capitol on January 20th around 12:00pm EST (actual start time may vary), and it is one of the biggest events in Washington, DC. With inaugural ceremonies, events and even downtown traffic closures, it can be overwhelming if you're not prepared.

With years of downtown event experience,  we know what to expect come Inauguration Day. We've put together a quick guide to help you better understand Inauguration Day and how to get around DC during the event.

Distance from georgetown Suites to THe US Capitol

map of distance from Georgetown Suites to White House

Georgetown Suites' is only minutes away from the White House, the US Capitol and many other historic DC landmarks, and our local expertise makes us the ideal choice when you're looking for 2021 Presidential Inauguration hotels.

2021 Presidential Inauguration Events

January 20

11:15am: Opening remarks by Inaugural Committee Chairman

11:30am: Senate minority/majority leader speaks

11:35am: Vice Presidential Oath of Office administered

11:45am: Presidential Oath of Office administered

11:50am: President gives the Inaugural Address

12:15pm: The National Anthem is sung

3:00pm: The Presidential Parade heads from the US Capitol down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House

7:00pm: The Inaugural Ball is held

*These times are based on 2017 Presidential Inauguration times and are approximate.


Road Closures In DC During Inauguration day

DC is a difficult place to navigate on Inauguration Day. We certainly don't recommend driving. However if you must, keep these road closures in mind.

Road closures on Inauguration Day include;

  • Numerous downtown parking restrictions begin two days before inauguration.
  • Pennsylvania Avenue route between White House & Capitol Hill closed (day of)
  • Memorial Bridge (day of)
  • Roosevelt Bridge (day of)
  • 3rd Street Tunnel (day of)
  • Various closures around Union Station (day of)

How To Get Around DC On Inauguration Day

As we strongly advise against driving, you have a couple options to help you get around the city on Inauguration Day.

1. Capital Bikeshare

Washington DC's Capital Bikeshare program is a great way to get around the city. Offering single trip, 24-hour and annual passes, you'll find an option that gets you where you need to go.

2. Public Transportation

3. Taxi & Rideshares

Remember that taking taxis or rideshares means you'll still have to sit in traffic, but they're certainly an option to help you get around DC on Inauguration Day.


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